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Australia - Uluru, Northern Territory // True Local

July 2012

Killvan's Australia. A tale of how a 30,000 year old tribe can teach us a thing or two about localism.

Sarah was introduced to us at the halfway point of our adventure through the Red Centre of Australia. Her presence was calming, almost clumsy yet above all very welcoming. Her gestures resonated in unison with the environment surrounding Uluru, she had a bewildering energy that heightened t

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Reunion Island - St Leu // Surfing St Leu 2


Killvan's Reunion Island. A tale of a surfers relationship with a reef, its wave and those important moments in time.

The wave data was obvious on the computer, though as I looked at the stretch of reef directly in front of Bruno’s, it was concerning. The ledge on the point was blasting fountains of water a mile high. Triple overhead and stacked to the horizon, it was an awesome display of

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Reunion Island - St Leu // Surfing St Leu 1


Killvan's Reunion Island. A tale of surfing a mysterious island clouded in danger, yet the lefthander at St Leu on Reunion Island seems to have a halo above it.

It’s rich sweet love between the moon and this deep turquoise sea of the Indian. You tell me that exists out there somewhere, perhaps far out beyond the land of the West where few seldom go?

Well it does be real, and it is not

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Mexico - Oaxaca, Barra De La Cruz // Drug War


Killvan's Mexico. How surfing Barra De la Cruz when it was still a secret lead a group of Australian surfers into an ambush in a Mexican drug war.


We'd been getting real drunk on Mezcal that was delivered in honey bottles, nicely painted in ornate cactus flowers and the script writing 'Mezcal' at the base. Three or four nights in a row we partied and got real drunk, real high style and celebr

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Mexico - Baja California // Veganza De Montezuma


Killvan's Baja California. A tale of Veganza De Montezuma, the disastrous illness on a surf trip through Mexico.

Sometimes having the shits is better than being a stubborn prick and bottling it up…but then again, havin’ the shits aint worth dyin’ for…

After a diet consisting of nuthin’ but Betty Crocker Porridge the pipes seized up and it became difficult to pass a

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Japan - Shibuya, Tokyo // Sake Horizon


Killvan's Japan. A tale of riding the cockpit to bad memory.

Air flights are usually arudous butt kicking episodes that are quickly forgotten. Though Sydney to Japan will simply be remembered for it being the first and last time I'd been in the cockpit for an international flight. What remains is the eerie memory of an above cloud blue sky horizion, though directly infront of us. Initially,

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