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Australia - Red Centre, Northern Territory // Cycle Of Nature

  Killvan's Australia. A tale of how natures energy can inspire better use
  of your own.

Energy, it is transferred easily.

But it is also frivolously spent, and before I jumped the jet I was compressing a weeks worth of ocean activities into a few hours. The saltwater fix was imperative before we headed miles away from the sea. Land with no ocean fringe is daunting in thought, especially when you've energy to burn.

The path that led from the end of the dirt road to these cliffs was an old one, decorated with paintings from local indigenous tribes canvassing the rock walls which sat sometimes twenty feet off the ground. Apparently back then the land was higher and the path we walked today was a river bed. Through the trees a mysterious early sunset loomed, within this cryptic bush landscape a better view of what lay ahead was needed, so we started running.

A wall of bright orange flames marched through the land creating a raging circle of fire. The crackling was an orchestra as natures fuel wrote a savage composition. Kites gliding in ominous spirals would swoop down to snatch a burning twig and carry it upwind to drop a red ember into raw scrub awaiting ignition. Animals then scampered from the blaze straight onto the runway for these deathly talons hunting from within the black smokey haze.

Perched up high over looking the valley we sat hypnotized by this unique transfer of raw Kakadu energy. We'd be leaving knowing we have to embrace our tomorrows. As when we're done with the moon of our nights and the sun in our days, our energy will return to the Earth all in the cycle of nature we play.

Live Free.


Location: Northern Territory, Australia.

Optimum: The winter months of May June July.

Weather: Cold nights to zero, and perfect temperate days in Winter. Summer is hellishly dry and hot.
Access: Fly direct in from any major Australian capitial city. Or drive for days through the desert if you dare...
Accomodation: Camping, or 4 to 5 star accomodation.

Live Free:  8/10.  Kakau, natures own energy centre.

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