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Australia - Red Centre, Northern Territory // Survivor

    Killvan's Australia.  A tale of how a trip to the desert can make you a survivor.

Over that hill just behind us to the West, now that's where things are much different.
The scale is grand and the air is clean, there is not a soul around to hear us scream.

Out here in the middle of Australia is it even relevant to us living inside the machine.
Unknown on a map, foreign in culture and much further away than Attenborough's Africa.  In a different realm than scrolling selfies and digital Tiffany's.

Evident is the age of this land as time is hauntingly at a stand still. Red Centre is in control. Our fast and important lives mean nothing today, not to the giant Eucalyptus wilting in the heat.  The day is welcoming but like tough love it doesn't embrace us, not like our switched on city does.

Left bare in thought and exposed in mind, almost forced to learn the fundamentals all over again.  What happens to your thoughts out here, you ask? They burn, they rust, they get lost in the dust.  A few days in Red Centre and you will get re-aquatinted with yourself... whether you like it or not.

Desert winds carry scrub burn to the sky, this frames a forever horizon. Our minds spill out over the landscape and become raw again, washing away a cluster of clay.  In the high sun our spirits shine a youthful disposition, alive loose and carefree.  Like the time before life got busy, fast and complicated.

By venturing to Red Centre things became clear again and time slowed just for a while. These brief moments on the burning desert floor gave time to see that life was getting faster, though perhaps increasingly shallower.  Right here where the fire met the sky and the dust mixed with the smoke. This empty painting of loneliness inspired us to be a survivor today and a free bird tomorrow.


Location: Northern Territory, Australia.

Optimum: The winter months of May June July.

Weather: Cold nights to zero, and perfect temperate days in Winter. Summer is hellishly dry and hot.
Access: Fly direct in from any major Australian capitial city. Or drive for days through the desert if you dare...
Accomodation: Camping, or 4 to 5 star accomodation.

Live Free:  10/10.  Where else but the Red Centre.

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