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Indonesia - Uluwatu, Bali // Bali Hai Dua

Killvan's Bali. A celebration of an analogy.

Some surfs you have in Bali are testing affairs. Stressful episodes that can break the calm of a Hindu love affair. The crowds, the heat, the long wait between sets. So it be wise to bring your patience game, along with the analogy of building house.

We'd made way into the back country a few hours north of the Kuta stretch hustle. The placid soft feel of a rice paddy breeze drifted through the mini van and dried the sweat under my sunglasses. We'd entered a small back street off the main road, a short left, then a hard right and down a fumbling dirt track. The bamboo gates slid open to what would be our jungle home for a few nights. It was a tip off by a friend Tom Plummer.
"Imagine Bali a hundred years ago, but with WiFi, AC and a hatted chef. Your girl will love it!".
Bringing a partner on a surf trip is easy, once you've confirmed the game rules, and term it an adventure. She loves an adventure.

The car park at Uluwatu changes shape as the years go by as development squeezes its boundaries. Though the stairs and warungs leading down to the cave never seem to care. It was crowded enough for late season, a string of evenly scattered surfers dragged through the lineup. Six feet of long period swell brushed by a gentle offshore wind brought purpose to the day, though with two swells it was crossed up making most set waves close out. I'd be out there with the building house analogy.

As we were guided to our room, it was now understood that we would have our very own hut. As we were chauffeured through food gardens to our private area in the resort, a traditional Balinese structure set amongst a dense canopy of Indonesian jungle emerged. Well considered and humble it was a detailed structure which suited the environment perfectly. A combination of dense old growth wood, aged with a dark and smooth character, and set off with black Javanese bamboo. Hand made furniture and ornate details crafted into doors and sills delivered a homely feel. Simply defined as traditional luxury. It was a heart warmer, a foreign fairy tale that only exists on the path seldom traveled. This was a traditional house far away from any Uluwatu lines, though necessary to the broader adventure.

The sun began to bake turning the paddling speed into an economic stroll. I was building house and pacing myself, making calculated decisions for what waves to catch and slowly earning a satisfactory surf over a few hours which would get the job done. The job here was to get the best set waves, and most importantly come in with a smile and a well earned fatigue. Slowly stroking past others in the line up, careful not to send a signal of an approaching set, or that I knew where I was going in the line up. Silly little games in a crowded Balinese wave park... that actually work.

Bali, where you can build many houses of your own and even find a special one to
sleep in.

Location: Uluwatu, Bali. Indonesia.
 (Accomodation in Bambu Indah, Ubud.)
The winter months when the roaring forties spin storms up to the equator through the Indian Ocean. April through to September.
Weather: A tropical island that has it all. Sub zero atop the volcanoes, 30+ at the beach. Wet and dry season.

Surf Conditions: Beachbreaks, Reef Breaks, Rivermouths. Uluwatu itself is a freighting left reef break with multiple sections all with different character.

Access: Fly into Denpasar from Asian hubs.
Accomodation: Holiday Villa Rentals, Hotels, hostels. Just turn up to the Bukit Peninsular and you'll find something. Though book before you go
Live Free: 8/10. Used to 9, and 30 years ago most certainly a 10.


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