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Indonesia - Canggu, Bali // Bali Hai Satu

Killvan's Bali. A tale of some feelings for the third world.

Things will always change, though feelings can last forever.

When you get off the plane and are confronted with the humid sticky air, it temporarily steals the anticipation. This humidity will never go away.

After getting cool in your hotel room, you hit the streets. It's a baffling cluster-fuck of confusion, yet peaceful. This traffic will never ease.

The first time you walk on a black sand beach, the fine glittery grains sparkling under the sun. It'll always be hot.

When you peer into the eyes of a traditional Hindu stone carving,  you can imagine a spirit. This will always evolve as it'll always be shared.

And when you first paddle out at a fun tropical beachbreak, you seem lighter, faster and your ability increases. Your surfing will always evolve, and this feeling will always feel special.