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Japan - Shibuya, Tokyo // Sake Horizon

Killvan's Japan. A tale of riding the cockpit to bad memory.

Air flights are usually arudous butt kicking episodes that are quickly forgotten. Though Sydney to Japan will simply be remembered for it being the first and last time I'd been in the cockpit for an international flight. What remains is the eerie memory of an above cloud blue sky horizion, though directly infront of us. Initially, it felt as though we'd be flying to the edge of the world, perhaps we were for all I knew as Japan was a complete mystery that has been stored in a similar place within my fantasies.


The memory of that flight would probably be more vivid, though by the third night I was well deep in a Chigasaki hotpot consuming more hot sake then I'd drunk local beer. It was a complete train wreck for the mind that surely damaged its ability to accurately store never before experienced events. It being the first excursion to the Land of The Rising Sun I'd have very little hope of absoring the adventure accurately anyway as Tokyo is a speed blur that any young man won't handle, sober, stoned or straight. Foreign liquor and new experiences supply a kick, an injection of punk rock into youthful veins, like the bright colours splashed over those extravagantly dressed hipster punk cyber pop types hanging cool down in Shibuya. Being wrecked, hell, this is Japan man, of course your goin' to be wrecked! 


From what I do remember swirls in the clouds of that incoming flight, it's light and just exists. We sat at the head of the table on mats, shoes off,  casual. It was really noisey for a restaurant, that I remember. Around us were no less than fifteen Japanese style cats high on our company, higher on drugs and alcohol, and higher still that we couldnt speak Japanese and them not a word of English, yet we were having dinner together. Our guide had dropped a smoke bomb and disappeared, leaving us buried in the ant hill that is Tokyo with no clue as to where we were or how close we were to our hotel. Though it would've been hours between our guide leaving and us looking for answers.


We'd spent the day buying clothing in the fashion hub of Shibuya on a work trip, and we'd be surfing the next day, well, that was the loose plan that was never going to happen. The night could've been three days, but this was Japan where the days blend to nights blend to mornings and afternoons and the pace doesnt change no matter where the Sun is no matter how fast or slow you wish to go. The trip was short, the memory shorter, the recollection shorter still, though that sake horizon will last forever, forever in Japan.




Location: Japan, Kanagawa and Chiba.
Optimum: All year though best during the Northern Hemipshere Winter months.
Weather: Water is cold, so very cold. Around June & July it warms a little
Surf Conditions: Beachbreaks, Rocky reef breaks, Rivermouths. Small to Medium and occasionally typhoon Large.
Access: Jet into Tokyo, and then you have trains, buses cabs and cars.
Accomodation: Tight, expensive though plentiful.
Live Free:  2/10.  Hardcore conjestion crowded busy frantic.


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