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Indonesia - Sumatra, Mentawai Islands // Second Life

Killvan's Indonesia. A tale of the surfers Second Life, and its application on the waves across the Mentawai Island in Sumatra Indonesia.

So where is the value in surfing today?

Now this could be tough, a bit of a rabbit hole you could say. But to make a start we could toss up a few loose suggestions, like maybe it’s the sanctioning body, possibly the top 5 surfers or even within the most stable company?


“I’d trade all my airs to do a proper functional roundhouse like yours”. Early 20’s surfer to a Second Life surfer after the NSW State Titles.

To begin lets look at the surfer himself. To be a good surfer requires dedication, it’s one pursuit that takes a long time to get any good at. Experience also plays a big part, which suggests that the more experience you gain the more progress you make. So this gives a dedicated and experienced surfer some value to surfing. But both the surfer and surfing are generalised terms so lets define them.


Surfing being the subjective thing that it is can make defining the individual interpretation of wave riding difficult so lets make it easy and isolate two basic approaches. We have ‘recreational wave riding’ and the ‘sport of surfing’. Lets assume your focus is on the sport of surfing, high performance modern short board surfing where the rate of progressive change is greatest. By doing this we leave those who are offended by the thought of surfing becoming a mainstream sport on the beach.


Now a portion of these surfers will naturally be 28 years and over, which we’ll term Second Life participants, and 28 years and under are obviously First Life surfers. By definition a dedicated Second Life surfer has theoretically obtained a large amount experience enabling their version of wave riding to have reached advanced status. To make an assessment of the sport and its participants the Second Life surfer category would have credible value, as it’s comprised of advanced surfers with more experience than First Life surfers, and physically more in optimum condition than say, Third Life surfers.

This Second Life surfer and their portion of value are of interest. Knowing the average age of surfers on the CT is roughly 28 it suggests that this portion of value is no doubt the greatest in surfing demographics. So it would be valid to expect that the focus of the sport of surfing and industry would be on and around the Second Life.




Location: Indonesia, Sumatra, Mentawai Islands.
Optimum: May through to Spetember, though shoulders seasons can pump too.
Weather: Equitorial doldrums. Indian Ocean Island rains right through to perfect blue below and above.
Surf Conditions: Reef Breaks.
Access: Fly to Jakarta or Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, then to Padang, then grab a boat and off ya go.
Accomodation: The boat trip or the surf camp trip. Two totally different experiences.
Live Free:  9/10.  Cruising on a boat in the tropics, are you kidding me?



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