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Peru - Machu Picchu // A Surfers Path from Huayna Picchu to New York City

Killvan's Peru. How a surfer meets a kid on a misty mountain top deep in the Andes which leads to the Big Apple.


The plan was to stay at a buddies cousins house over looking Central Park, New York City. Though as plans on surf adventures sometimes do, it fell apart the moment my buddy decided to leave the adventure and go home to get married. It didn't matter as the road would deliver something, and I'd get to New York eventually where accommodation would be dealt with then.

Atop Huayna Picchu the air was thin and the mist heavy. I'd watched a crippled old man in a bed sheet and other spiritual types hiking the impossibly steep and dangerous stone stairs which led to the peak, an extension beyond Machu Picchu. I knew it must be of some significance, and could feel it as I took rest in a dark stone room, its walls wet and mossy. This section of the peak wasn't frequented by visitors so much and I enjoyed the quiet moment, it suited Peru. I'd caught my breath, and walked over to a ledge that looked at least two thousand meters straight down into a ravine. Anywhere else in the world and this would be impossible, but in Peru, well, anything goes. The low cloud blocked most of the view except for the clouds rushing up the cliff faces which surrounded Huayna Picchu, and the raging torrent far below looked like a brown snake dissappearing down a burrow.

"Impressive huh?" came a voice, strong and typically identifiable as a New Yorker. It was an unexpected style of voice to be heard up on this misted peak.
I turned to see a boy that looked like a Peruvian, though not Mayan. We both then turned back to look into the depths of the river below.
"I am not afraid of heights though this is intense" I said, gripping the stone wall beside me.
"Same, this IS intense" the kid replied.

His name was Louis and we hiked back down to Machu Picchu together, excited by clean Andean air and inspired by Mayan culture. Conversation flowed and while he had never even thought about surfing we had a lot in common. Swapping travel stories and discussing where we were both headed, in travel and in life. When I expressed my desire to visit New York City his eyes lit up.

"You must come and stay with me and my family" he said, smiling.

Right there and then a lost opportunity connected with a new one, Peru to New York. Proving travel brings people together that would otherwise never meet.
The path to the spiritual place of Huayna Picchu in Peru had amazingly led to New York City.





Location: Lima, Peru. South America.
Optimum: April to October.
Weather: Cold water and foggy low cloud in winter, warm and sunny but short summer break. 
Surf Conditions: Beachbreaks, reef breaks, outer bombies, and some rocky point breaks.
Access: It's easy but real third world. Fly into Lima, belt down to Punta Hermosa. But if your going to Machu Picchu, just fly.
You can drive but it's a mission, trust us, we did and it's nasty.
Accomodation: Punta Hermosa is a beachside town and empty in Winter (just ask for Manny) packed in Sumer. Cheap house stays.
Lima is requiring a Lonely Planet as it's hectic as it gets, and Machu Picchu you can stay at Agua Calientas (Hot Water) at the river crossing before the ascent, or hang out in Cusco where accomodation is plentiful suiting all budgets, start in the Plaza De Armas and work your way out.
Live Free:  9/10. The Mayan culture and Machu Picchu itself is as spiritual as it gets. The Amazon next door, the Andean Mountians and the desert. Wow.



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