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Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur // The Tower

Killvan's Malaysia. A tale of a regular surfer being greeted like a rock star to Muslim schools up high in the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. 


I'd spent way too long in airports in my young life and declared to make every effort to reduce the purgatory like feeling of terminal dullness that exists with the lay over stop over change over rigmorol. Retreating back from a French write off I was hung over as all hell, swaying in a bendy plastic seat just off the plane in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My head was thobbing and my clothes damp from cold sweats. Kalani Robb had assisted me as I convulsed and vomited discreetly into a collection of pot plants in a French airport that has no name, his assistance the only I would recieve until days later. The airport was no place to be in this state and I made quick hasty plans to escape.


I knew my connecting flight was hours away, though being plural it could've been just two which would've made my next actions heavily flawed. I was buzzed out man, chopped down, I looked like a drug addict and felt worse. With a few quick steps I bordered a train that zapped me into the city, a blow out of new age chrome buildings and high speed electrics. Happily lost I walked out the last of the French liquor and airline cuisine, and knew playing tourist would be of the most value to me right now. Riding to the top of KL's signature building, the Petrons Towers was first on the brochure, though I was was running out of steam and the heat was leeching me with every breath. Thank God the brochure was single sided.


I stood zombie like with my face pressed against a glass panel, peering out into South East Asia. Lost for a moment, perhaps up to five minutes. That was until I felt a tug on my back pack, turning to a sea of burkahs and grinning school girls. It was as if I'd been swept away by muslim fairies and into Jannat.





Location: Malaysia, South China Sea.
Optimum: November to February.
Weather: Tropical, Hot sticky rain.
Surf Conditions: Beachbreaks and the odd point and reef thingy.
Access: Fly into Kuala Lumpur or Singapore and drive North Eastish.
Accomodation: Lots of options like village life, surf resorts or hotels and 5 star megaplexes.
Live Free:  3/10.  For a surfer that is.



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