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Germany - Dresden // A Surfer Among The Punks

Killvan's Germany. A tale of a surfer wandering through Germany in summer, and running into a fully blown hardcore punk festival.

"Fuck Off!" I hollered in a half asleep voice, it reverberated in the van and echoed through the midnight valley. Hysterical German howling and the smashing of bottles that followed was as scary as hell, only to be pacified by the doppler sound of footsteps running off.

A feeling of remorse swept over the flimsy sleeping bag as I lay there in the darkness hoping they wouldn't return, and knowing my Mother would be shitting herself not knowing what the hell was going on. I'd exposed her to some stuff on the road Mothers don't ever need, and this was so far the worst I'd accomplished. Having your Mother on a road trip is awesome, though expecting her to be at ease with a pack of drunk punkers breaking into the van in the middle of the night was a bit much. The farmyard I'd parked in seemed like a great move earlier that afternoon, though at 2am it was an eerie location that became the worst place I could've parked.

We'd been cruising along in the German countryside, taking in a scenic tour away from the coast. Going slow with windows rolled down, small floral debris drifted with the summer breeze, it was a peaceful time. We'd entered a small town for some afternoon tea when the sound of a double kick drum pounding out of concert speakers rattled the van walls. I knew the afternoons channel was changed.

On investigation it was a fully blown hardcore metal concert in a dusty paddock, complete with a raging mob of punkers in full metal regalia. My heart raced and the deep thirst for extreme events took over, I ditched Mum in a cafe and paced through the front gates of the concert, which looked more like a giant biker brawl.

"Media" I said holding up my camera to the giant trog troll with fluro dreadlocks and KISS makeup at the ticket desk.
Entry was free, though it didn't matter as no one spoke a word of English and weren't likely too. My surfers uniform was in contrast to the leather, camoflauge, black boots, chrome spikes and mohawks worn by the thousand odd crowd. I would be sitting on the sidelines of this event as it was intimidating, like some sort of land locked European freak show jacked up wild on drugs and booze, it was a no rules affair.

A roster of bands took to the stage and blasted a German brand of death metal to the heavens, rattling everything that wasn't fastened. Darkness fell as did some scaffolding when a teen freak climbed up a two story high structure and just launched at the pit, taking off a few corner bars on the way down. He took out a group moshing wildly in the hell pit near the front of the stage. It looked disastrous, and would no doubt crack some skulls. The kid scrambled from the chaos and unbelievably climbed back up and launched again, then immediately taking the stage and throwing forks to the crowd. The whole act sent the mosh pit crowd into a earthquake like rumble, it felt like a war zone.

With each new song came an increase in crowd excitement, it went from a spectacle to a fearful time. When an AC/DC Highway to Hell cover rocked out the crowd went ballistic and began throwing beer cans, bottles, people and everything else around like a tornado. At that point I decided to disappear and get back to the van to my Mother who would be reading a book under a bed lamp with some tea.




Location: Dresden, Germany.
Optimum: Summer, high June, Winter is cold and bleak.
Weather: A nice heat in Summer if you're not from Europe. Bitterly cold in Winter.
Surf Conditions: Ah, there isn't any really. The German North Sea coast has the "Wattenmeer" which is at low- tide a muddy 30 km wide beach-like stretch in front of the coast, that doesn´t allow swell to hit. The islands positioned at the end of the Wattenmeer can be reached by ferry as the Baltic Sea gets some waves if your despo.  
Access: Berlin is the closet International Airport to Dresden. Though in these parts you can drive anywhere you please
Accomodation: Camping, Holiday Rentals, Motels. Just turn up with a phrase book and have a shot.
Live Free:  3/10.  It's Germany, while it's far from the occupied times it's still not really bursting with flavour.

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