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Guatemala, Central America // Chasing Surf In Champerico Where The Hills Are Alive

Killvan's Guatemala. A tale of encountering live volcano's on a surf trip through a land that time seemed to have forgot.


Heavy air forced its way through the vents and deep into the lungs, it was the first signal to a new environment. As the black Panamericana led further down towards darkness, the feeling that we were heading directly into the heart of Guatemala was intimidating. There was a deep underground pulse, it was an unknown. The next few weeks would be spent adjusting to this primitive world, one that was more suited to dinosaurs than to meagre surfers who seemed to have strayed from the surfers path.

We'd been scorched in the sands of Mexico for months, and after a week in Guatemala those days had evaporated like the heat off the desert floor. There is a certain rush associated with driving through dense jungle and mountainous landscapes. It's heightened by the nature of the third world, though it's more than that, and much more than the fear evoked by crooked cops awaiting around a bend to suck green backs out of tourist back pockets. The smoke stacks streaming from the peaks of sleeping volcanos, this was intense.

A jagged toothed horizon was confronting for us white bread boys as volcanos were not something we'd grown accustomed to. Fear of the unknown had us shaking in our boots at the sight of a huge black and gray chimney, and burn tracks flowing through the jungle and across the highway we drove on. The hills are alive in Champerico, where its deep valleys rise up to venting peaks breathing from deep within the Earths crust.  

Down in town the vintage was consistent with the landscape, old. While people weren't living in caves, the age and upkeep of the buildings promoted a very traditional way of life, one that feels as though it's existing perfectly well for a thousand years without change. Rendered walls with chunks dropping off on to the beaten up sidewalk, old wooden doors swollen from heavy rain, and wrought iron rail work setting off proud architecture. 

We struggled to find quality waves, though rolling the black Panamericana south with a view of volcanos created an intense atmosphere that filled the void of wave sliding. There is a truth to old towns, especially to ones sitting at the base of  a real life breathing volcanos.




Location: Guatemala.
Optimum: March through June is generally the time to score.
Weather: Wet and Dry Season of the equatorial region.
Surf Conditions: Beachbreaks, Rivermouths, Piers and breakwalls.
Access: Fly direct into Guatemala City from any international Airport. Three hours to the coast in a bus or rental car.
Accomodation: Cheap hotels.
Live Free:  7/10.  True to Central America, it's still original.

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