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Reunion Island - Saint-Pierre, Le Jetty // Universalle

Killvan's Reunion Island. A tale of the young energy by the port of a tropical surf town, proving that the vibrance of youth the world over is universal.


Some things are exactly the same no matter where you are. Yes, Bourbon Island is mysterious enough to make you feel as if you’re far, far from home, yet there are routines and elements like any place that determine the course of the day and the mood of the people, just like home.

The mornings are fresh, people grab coffees and the birds sing at the break of dawn. Queues form at the doors of local bakeries serving fresh comfort baguettes, fruit shop workers cart out colourful produce, the church is alive with light prayer and the early offshore flicks the switch to surf excitement. Surfers hammer their wips to favourite vistas to survey the day’s offerings. With froth spilling from their mouths they infiltrate line-ups the island over.

Ceci est universelle.





Location: West Coast, Reunion Island. Indian Ocean.
Optimum: The winter months when the roaring forties spin storms up from under Africa. June through to September.
Weather: A tropical island that has it all. Sub zero atop the volcanoes, 30+ at the beach. Wet and dry season.
Surf Conditions: Beachbreaks Reef Breaks, Rivermouths. Sometimes very very lonely and 10 on the Bull Shark scale.
Access: Roland Garos Airport in the capital St Dennis then a few hours south drive to St Leu.
Accomodation: Holiday Rentals, Hotels. Book before you go to ensure optimum choice.
Live Free: 4/10. Sharks kill the joy.



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