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Reunion Island - Saint-Gilles // Carnaval

Killvan's Reunion Island. A tale of the celebration on a surf rich island in the Indian Ocean.


It’s not always waves, sex or drugs that get the heart to pump at a higher rate. It can be music, and the simple kind does it best. Deep rhythmical drumbeats, chants, symbols and tambourines, these instruments can produce captivating sounds if in the hands of the right people.

Today on this mystical volcano in sea, it’s in the hands of the Reunion town folk. Their unique heritage is represented through raw expression, a street parade that white bread sugar shit tourists can only marvel at. Passion and harmony, we observe their performances in awe, somewhat jealous that our culture is barren of such effortless true traditions. From the curb we take part in the Carnaval of Reunion, and from the beach we watch the local crew from St Gille rip up some right wedges down by the port.

Like music, attractiveness is tenfold when it’s simple. These people are exemplary of this notion. Huge smiles, glowing white teeth, dark rum washed skin, there is an allure to their natural approach to life. With toned bodies gyrating to the beat of primitive drums, and fins busting over crumbling lips, it sends a message. Embrace your life and celebrate it the best you can.

This experience went on for hours, with the carnaval on the street and a surf session down by the port, it’s clear the celebration in Reunion is on the land as much as it is in the water.





Location: West Coast, Reunion Island. Indian Ocean.
Optimum: The winter months when the roaring forties spin storms up from under Africa. June through to September.
Weather: A tropical island that has it all. Sub zero atop the volcanoes, 30+ at the beach. Wet and dry season.
Surf Conditions: Beachbreaks Reef Breaks, Rivermouths. Sometimes very very lonely and 10 on the Bull Shark scale.
Access: Roland Garos Airport in the capital St Dennis then a few hours south drive to St Leu.
Accomodation: Holiday Rentals, Hotels. Book before you go to ensure optimum choice.
Live Free: 4/10. Sharks kill the joy.

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