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Sri Lanka - Pottuville // Pottuville Sliding

Killvan's Sri Lanka. A tale of small waves running along a shallow sand bank super close to the headland of really poor and ravaged country.


The Tuk Tuk (bemo) is the vehicle of choice and it would be our opportunity to surf the right sandy point of Pottuville, a few kilometres to the north, and also some other breaks in the national park to the south. With an asking price of 600 rupees (AU$6) we would get two, or three some days around the area.

Pottuville is a dusty and dirty affair. Complete with hustling street markets that never slow. Getting to the point sends the Tuk Tuk head on into a labyrinth of a housing estate, dirt tracks forming a 90-degree grid creating suicidal blind corners. With horns beeping relentlessly on the way through the maze it suddenly ends and your flying out onto a low-lying grassy wetland. Then tracing a small walk burn in the ground along the beach line and you reach the point, inhabited by a small beach side restaurant and some accommodation houses, all small neat and lonely.

Pottuville Point is a blast and our first sessions lasted hours. The wave character is Queensland esq., a sandy point with a spinning right that hugs the shoreline. Pushing across an outside miniature rocky headland then as it baseball bats into another small crop of boulders the wave trims close to the shoreline throwing a series of small tube sections. While it follows the contour of the beach around into the end of the straight edge of the bay it slows down and eventually ends in a burley shorebreak with a 45-degree backwards warp through it. It’s probably the easiest and safest place to learn to surf, and many do. Sitting wide of the pocket hippies and tourists flounder on longboards rented at the beachside restaurant. For us it served as a refuge from the south wind that didn’t let up for our entire stay.

Each night following a day of wave sliding it'd be customary to drift of under the mosquito net, mind surfing the bending walls of Pottuville Point.





Location: South East Coast of Sri Lanka.
Optimum: May to September.
Weather: Can be stifling hot on the coast, dry heat that hurts.
Surf Conditions: Sandy Point Breaks, Rocky Points and beachbreaks.
Access: Fly into Columbo from any international airport, and cop a hellish ten hour drive south.
Accomodation: Holiday Rentals, Camping and cheap resorts.
Live Free:  3/10.  Poor mans Indonesia post civil war.



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