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Alaska - The Alaskan Highway, British Columbia // The Long Road North On A Surf Trip To Alaska

Killvan's Alaska. A tale of two surfers driving 3000kms along the Alaskan Highway, battling loneliness, friendship and the empty space of the north.


To be honest, I didn't really even know where we were headed, being led by prolonged teenage angst, a somewhat deluded subconscious and a compass reading north for days ensured some progress. So focused on bringing the mission to life the result was an after thought. In hindsight we could have perished easily, our act an ill prepared one. The sheer lunacy of our proposition could have easily been read as mythical. From a winter in Vancouver Canada driving through the Yukon into Alaska, searching for a wave to surf that probably didn’t exist. We would experience much on this wonderous road trip to the top of the world, learn about ourselves, and get a little bit closer to understanding true freedom.

A partnership destined to fail. A silent consuming grey shadow was my travelling companion. The ageing man who yesterday was my young friend, his spirit lost in a downward spiral, unable to confront the big emotions that haunt us all. The parasitic relationship that developed would terminally damage our friendship. Watching him slip into that black abyss that I’ll never know, revealed someone very different than I. To make this revelation as we irreversibly entered a land of no remorse painted a grim picture. Our denial of the situation was to be used against us by the Alaskan Highway in the coming days.

To lock this threatening dynamic in the basement was the only option, it would be buried, dismissed. I would have ignored a festering ulcer to ensure this mission was completed anyway. I had made heavy sacrifices to get myself this far, compromising true love, left a growing family, all in a heart trusted. It was an obsessive situation that consumed more than just our lives, so I decided early that nothing would get in the way of reaching the cold roof of the world, so much was at stake. It was blind desire.




Location: Alaska.
Optimum: September / October.
Weather: Well, obviously it's cold. Summer or early fall. Winter and Spring is too crazy
Surf Conditions: Rocky Points, Boulder Points, Bombies.
Access: Get to Anchorage, or Vancouver Canada. Get a boat, a sea plane, get weird get wild.
Accomodation: Camping, Small rooms for rent and some adventure accomodation.
Live Free:  10/10.  Where else but Alaska.



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